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Why is my camera only receiving 1 image per hour?

Last Updated: Aug 29, 2012 05:39PM ADT
If your network camera is receiving only one image per hour, it most likely has to do with your camera's motion detection settings, or in most cases, that there just wasn't any motion detected in the hour. 

To check your motion detection settings, log into Go to "My Cameras," and choose the camera that is having issues. Once on your camera's main page, click "Settings," and go to the "Motion Detection" tab. From here, you can turn motion detection on or off -- we recommend turning it on if it isn't already. (Read our article on what motion detection off means for more information.)

Motion Detection Settings on

Choosing your motion detection sensitivity depends on what your camera is pointed toward. If there are a lot of trees or water in the frame, wind will frequently cause your camera to detect movement at medium and high settings, where it may not on low settings. Keep in mind receiving more images is not necessarily better than less -- we only record up to 600 images an hour. If your camera hits the cap from leaves shaking in the wind, you may miss it when something more interesting occurs. Most cameras do best between medium and high settings. 

If you're still having trouble tuning your camera's motion detection settings, read our blog for more information. 

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